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Starwars VS Harry Potter

What Star Wars and Harry Potter have in common? If you don't so, you guessed wrong, see for yourself.

FaceBook: Social Networking! What is real?

Social networking grew extremely fast the last few years. It became a huge network of people of souls trying to connect some way and be friends. Friends? are they really friends? do you really know the person you as a "friend"?

Here's a picture that tell the true face of what we are in these, so called, network.

Here's an interesting discussion on reddit:

When Plastic Surgery goes wrong

At some point in our life, we found something on ourself we don't like.We think about different way to fix it like exercising, eating better and even plastic surgery. But before considering plastic surgery, take a look at these disaster and make sure you think twice before laying under the knife.

When your wedding day is not perfect as expected

Wedding, the dream of all little girl (and guy?). Everything needs to be planned, needs to be perfect and the lady of honor needs to make sure the bride will be happy.

Well in some cases something happen that can ruin your wedding day and if it's on picture, just make sure it is remove on the wedding album. Here some pictures that were taken and you will try to avoid on the big day.

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